YouTube: My channels


This is something new for me. A few weeks ago I started a new YouTube channel, called Danjaro. I post there every personnal work that I do, both in 3D and 2D. One video per week. A new video every monday!



And I also have a gaming channel with a very special friend of mine (Waric). He’s my childhood friend and I’m very happy that we work together on this channel and on a blog to write about the games we play. We like a very large palette of genres so you’ll find (for now) videos of  The Witcher, Remember Me and Portal Knights. This is only the beginning.

Making gaming videos help me study games in a more profound way. It’s a perfect complement to my main channel.


About the Author:

A true passion for every aspect of 3D Art. Active user on Polycount, ArtStation and YouTube. I love playing many video games genres. And I love painting, writing, traveling, and watching great YouTube channels, TV series and documentaries. Let's not forget talking with friends, colleagues and family.