When a 3D artist learns painting. Art Camp 1 Week 1 with Sketchbook Pro

Welcome to my YouTube sketchbook!

Art Camp 1-1

Join me in this 36 weeks journey with Art Camp! I’m a 3D artist or graphist (depends on where you are) and I need to strengthen my 2D skills! So this course called Art Camp by Noah Bradley seems perfect to me: http://artcamp.com/

This is the first week. I went for the normal assignment and just put a selection of my work in this video. I don’t like everything that I’ve done, especially the last one but I decided to publish it anyway, just to track my progress.

This was also the first time I used Sketchbook Pro. Before that I always used Photoshop.

Those are simple studies in gray values. Some in colors. And one “finished” study. This is just practice. Not meant to be “art”.

Thanks for watching. See you next monday!

About the Author:

A true passion for every aspect of 3D Art. Active user on Polycount, ArtStation and YouTube. I love playing many video games genres. And I love painting, writing, traveling, and watching great YouTube channels, TV series and documentaries. Let's not forget talking with friends, colleagues and family.