The Old Factory – Last part. Texturing and Rendering with Substance Designer and Unreal Engine

This is the last week and last part of this project.

OldFactory Part III

I’ve managed to complete it! It’s not perfect, there are some issues and it would be a good idea to spend one more week on it to really bring it to life. But it’s not a production quality project and was not meant to be. It was done for a school entrance exam.

So as you can see I used a modular design approach. This is powerful and easy to manage. The texturing with Substance Designer went well and I still love Unreal Engine. The new version (4.10) renders things beautifully, and the framerate was around 60 / 70 fps on my old gtx 560 Ti 🙂

Well, it was a good project to work on. Three weeks in total (design, modeling, texturing, rendering). A fourth week would be nice to polish the scene but I’ve got new projects to work on.

Next week: Art Camp One. Week One! (Art Camp is an art course made by Noah Bradley).

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