New monday video! Preproduction time on a new project!


This week’s video is all about pre-production and design. Of course I used real life references, but I came up with a map plan for an old factory located in France. Time period is in the late 19th century.


Here’s the YouTube video:

This is for an exam. I won’t tell anything more yet. Let’s wait. Okay now begins the 3D work. I’ve got lots of modelling to do. And texturing. In a very short timeframe. And that’s the best part! The list of the things that need to be modeled from now to March, 5:

  • Sidewalk / ground
  • Walls
  • Entrance portal
  • Administration building
  • Production building
  • Storage building
  • chimney and cistern

Let’s go!

About the Author:

A true passion for every aspect of 3D Art. Active user on Polycount, ArtStation and YouTube. I love playing many video games genres. And I love painting, writing, traveling, and watching great YouTube channels, TV series and documentaries. Let's not forget talking with friends, colleagues and family.