La bouquetière – speed painting with Sketchbook Pro

Just a quick video this week.

Video 9

Only one painting because I’ve been busy working on a new YouTube gaming channel and a blog. Next week will be back to normal with a full Art Camp session (week 3):

So in this video we have a full color study after François Boucher’s work “La bouquetière”. Note quite finished but that’s enough for now. See you next monday for Art Camp 1 Week 3!

PS: Sorry there’s an offset between the painting brush and the cursor. I think I know why and I’ll make sure not to let that happen in the next video.

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A true passion for every aspect of 3D Art. Active user on Polycount, ArtStation and YouTube. I love playing many video games genres. And I love painting, writing, traveling, and watching great YouTube channels, TV series and documentaries. Let's not forget talking with friends, colleagues and family.