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My first hero tree: final part: moss, leaves, painting, materials and rendering

I’ve just finished this project. My first one entirely made in ZBrush. It was a very enjoyable experience, thanks to ZBrush, which offers a friendly way of working. It wasn’t too technical. It was intuitive. I’ve learned to use new tools: the curvetube brush, alphas, fibermesh, layers and subtools in a better way. Let’s not forget the materials, the lighting and the rendering potential of ZBrush.(matcaps / standard materials and lightcaps, etc.)

To finish, I wanted to try a render inside of Marmoset Toolbag. And it worked very well! I’ve learned to render the leaves, to use translucency and to apply a normal map on the leaves for better details.

Overall I’m very happy with this project. It was a good blend between technique and art.

Next week: Painting exercices with the book “Color and Light” by James Gurney. Yeah!

Thanks for watching!


The Old Factory – Last part. Texturing and Rendering with Substance Designer and Unreal Engine

This is the last week and last part of this project.

OldFactory Part III

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The Old Factory – Part Two (materials and modeling): a three-week project

This is part 2 of ‘The Old Factory’ project. I made eight Substance Designer materials that I’ll be able to tweak in the editor. In addition there was lots of modeling to do, involving different techniques.

The Old Factory Part II

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