[TRAINING] Seeing and Drawing (Art Camp 2 week 1 exercices)

This week, let’s dive into the fundamentals of art: let’s draw!
We have three type of exercices:
– Abstract shape copies
– Master study drawings
– Bargue drawings
For this video I worked with the Art Camp course (Art Camp 2 week 1), by Noah Bradley : and the book : Cours de dessin, by Charles Bargue and Jean-Léon Gérôme. New edition by Gerald M. Ackerman (ACR Edition).
Bargue drawings push you to developp high observational skills and force you to be very precise. I recommend the book.

Next week we’ll paint materials!

[TRAINING] Figures and Anatomy (drawings, paintings)

This is a selection of my work this week. It’s mainly based on the course Art Camp 1 week 8, by Noah Bradley. Very helpful. I also used the book : “Atlas of Human Anatomy for the Artist” by Stephen Rogers Peck. I recommend it if you do character art.

As an environment artist, I really think that studying figures is important. And vice versa, if you’re a character artist, study environments from time to time.

Figure painting is very challenging. You have to be very precise and subtle. A very good way to learn form, light, color.

The structure of my practice session on this topic goes like this, for a day:
– Warming up, gesture drawings (quick, 1-2 min each)
– Simple drawings of people you know or of strangers, in real life if possible
– Anatomy studies (hand and foot in priority)
– full-color master studies of figures
– Imaginative sketches (the most challenging?)

It was a tough week for me but I enjoyed it! Keep learning! Thanks for watching my dear subscribers and new visitors!

My first hero tree: final part: moss, leaves, painting, materials and rendering

I’ve just finished this project. My first one entirely made in ZBrush. It was a very enjoyable experience, thanks to ZBrush, which offers a friendly way of working. It wasn’t too technical. It was intuitive. I’ve learned to use new tools: the curvetube brush, alphas, fibermesh, layers and subtools in a better way. Let’s not forget the materials, the lighting and the rendering potential of ZBrush.(matcaps / standard materials and lightcaps, etc.)

To finish, I wanted to try a render inside of Marmoset Toolbag. And it worked very well! I’ve learned to render the leaves, to use translucency and to apply a normal map on the leaves for better details.

Overall I’m very happy with this project. It was a good blend between technique and art.

Next week: Painting exercices with the book “Color and Light” by James Gurney. Yeah!

Thanks for watching!


Art Camp 1 Week 3: Still life paintings

Third week into the Art Camp course. It’s going well, definitely challenging! You can learn a lot by doing still life paintings! Try it. I think the pineapple would have needed 2 more hours of work. Overall, still life paintings are a good thing to do, especially after the master paintings studies.

The Art Camp course.

Next week: back to 3D for my first hero tree! (zbrush and Substance).

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La bouquetière – speed painting with Sketchbook Pro

Just a quick video this week.

Video 9

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When a 3D artist learns painting. Art Camp 1 Week 1 with Sketchbook Pro

Welcome to my YouTube sketchbook!

Art Camp 1-1

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The Old Factory – Last part. Texturing and Rendering with Substance Designer and Unreal Engine

This is the last week and last part of this project.

OldFactory Part III

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The Old Factory – Part Two (materials and modeling): a three-week project

This is part 2 of ‘The Old Factory’ project. I made eight Substance Designer materials that I’ll be able to tweak in the editor. In addition there was lots of modeling to do, involving different techniques.

The Old Factory Part II

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New monday video! Preproduction time on a new project!


This week’s video is all about pre-production and design. Of course I used real life references, but I came up with a map plan for an old factory located in France. Time period is in the late 19th century.


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YouTube: My channels


This is something new for me. A few weeks ago I started a new YouTube channel, called Danjaro. I post there every personnal work that I do, both in 3D and 2D. One video per week. A new video every monday!


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